Senior Spotlight: Jack Miscall IV:

Name: Jack Miscall IV

Senior Bucket List: Win region in basketball, go to college, and senior skip day

Unknown fact: His Favorite color is pink which “is kind of odd.”

Best quality: He is good at public speaking. He thinks this is a good quality, because it will help him later in life. 

Biggest fear: Choosing a job that he won’t like. 

Favorite Stratford memory: Beating FPD in his senior year of football. 

Restaurants: His favorite restaurant is Carrabbas, because they have good pasta and muscles. 

Season: Winter because he loves the cold. 

Social Media : Tik Tok because it makes him laugh very often. 

Clothes: Pants with a collared shirt, because he likes to look well dressed rather than sloppy and unkempt. 

Morning or night: He is a morning person. He likes to get up and start getting things done early.

Smile: Seeing all his friends together, joking around and having fun. 

Annoys you: What annoys him the most are people who are late to important things. Being punctual is a great test of character in his opinion. 

Vaccine: He would develop a vaccine for cancer. Cancer affects so many communities and families. If cancer was gone then it would save millions. 

Saying: Do right. 


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