Caris Weinberg

Milind Rugnath: Bestie vibes only, side conversations in Public Speaking, hangouts in Mrs. Wangerin’s classroom, featuring Mr. Stecher, the Olson Library, The Book Fair, Drama Club, Sadie Hawkins, 4th period, 7th period, shoes, online shopping, and prom. 

Mr. Stecher: A fake quiz on my last day of class, matching skirts, and the joys of 3rd and 4th period. 

Darran Shivdat: “Woof”, prom,  and the senior patio. 

Chanju Park: The senior patio, Mandarin room lunches, break. 

Claire Hurt: Latin II, Drama Club, and the joys of College Algebra. 

Miller Cranford: Latin, the audacity of not going to latin con with me, triplets of trouble, laps around school, hallway brawls, hurricane Irma, Algebra, the science building, King Phillip, “YAAAAS”, Sadies, Mandarin room lunches, Zoology, Journalism with Mr. Gris, the LSC, Prom, “Grrrr”, “Rawr”, and Wesleyan Walks. 

Shaw London: “Young Frankenstein”, the senior patio, xmas party, “go bears”. 

Megan Huynh: Neville Homeroom, CP Junior English, your first football game, your first school dance, “Young Frankenstein”, aesthetic moments, Mandarian room lunches, fire drills on the soccer field, downtown lights, 7th period, Mr. Gris / Journalism, senior homeroom.

Carson Butcher: Freedom Park Softball, being your tour guide, Neville homeroom, the flag pole, fire drills on the soccer field, the senior patio, Starbucks runs, Sadies, Wesleyan Walks, Mr. Gris / Journalism, downtown lights, Mandarin room lunches, Palmetto Moon visits, shopping trips, senior homeroom, the morning announcements. 

Sabina Ajjan: Intro to journalism, Wesleyan walks, Mandarin room lunches, and the senior patio

Mimi Rader: Drama Club, “Young Frankenstein”, Wesleyan Walks, Zoology, Mandarin room lunch, the senior patio 

Gabby Rader: US History, The LSC, College Algebra, Mandarin room lunches, senior patio, drama club, “Young Frankenstein”, Wesleyan Walks, tutoring, study hall, prom.  

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