Mayan Hands and Beads for Life marketplace raising funds


All throughout this week, from November 16-20, before school, during high-school break, and during middle-school lunch, Stratford’s Global & Community Leadership Club has been raising money for two non-profit organizations, Mayan Hands and BeadforLife.

The sale is held in the front lobby of Stratford, in front of the grand piano.  Mayan Hands is a non-profit organization based out of Guatemala.  Stratford students have been selling hand-knotted bracelets made by Guatemalan women in order to raise funds for Guatemalan women’s education, housing, and food.

BeadforLife is a nonprofit organization based out of Uganda.  Stratford students have sold various assorted jewelry made from recycled paper beads in order to raise funds for Ugandan women’s higher education.  Ranging from $5 to $30, an assortment of jewelry, bracelets, and other souvenirs are available to purchase through Friday.

“These hand-crafted products make perfect gifts for family and friends, and you’re changing the world at the same time,” said Stratford junior Meredith Fuchs, one of the organizers for the fundraiser.