Slocumb teaches female students to be safe, vigilant

By LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Assistant Editor

As college is just around the corner for senior and junior girls, Ms. Paige Slocumb, a 1985 Stratford graduate, provided valuable advice on being safe within the campus and community.

Her non-profit organization, Safe Alone Inc., teaches and informs people of all sizes and ages on how to defend themselves in threatening situations.

She visited Stratford on Tuesday to talk to about 80 junior and senior girls and provide information and instruction on how to be safe in college, including awareness and having self-defense weapons such as pepper gel. Her short seminar brought awareness to the danger of predators.

In July 2006, her sister, Jennifer Slocumb Ewing, was sexually assaulted and murdered while riding her bicycle on the Silver Comet Trail near her home in north Atlanta.  Michael Ledford, a convicted rapist, was found guilty in May 2009 and received the death penalty.

After the trial, Slocumb and her family founded a nonprofit organization called Safe Alone Inc. According to its mission statement, it was formed for “citizens who care that public places are safe for all to enjoy, free from fear of predators of adults and children through awareness by advertising and fundraising to provide more patrols and lighting, as well as stricter penalties for predators.”