Key club making a difference

(Video courtesy of Stratford Key Club)

By ZUNA SHABBIR, Gazebo Staff Writer

When senior Bailey Toole signed up for Key Club four years ago, she “had no idea how passionate and happy she would be.” It was something she originally only did because her freshman mentors recommended it.

Bailey is now the president of Stratford’s largest club with more than 200 members. The club advisor is Mrs. Holly Wangerin, who said the club is focused on leadership, serviceship, and helping others.

Mrs. Wangerin said the club “allows students leadership opportunities” and helps them with “servant leadership- learning to lead through serving others.”

Members of Key Club gain these skills through the various service projects.

This year, the Key Club is planning on raising donations for the Ronald McDonald House through McJeans Day, collecting donations through the Harvest of Hope canned food drive (sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Macon), and holding a Red Cross blood drive.

The club also will sponsor UNICEF’s Eliminate project to vaccinate mothers and babies and partner with the Georgia Sheriff’s’ Youth Home to support children that are neglected or otherwise at risk.

Toole said the club helps with making connections with people in the community, and members receive service hours for participating. She said “seeing the difference you make” is the most rewarding part, along with getting to meet and talk to the people you help.

Stratford’s Key Club Officers are Bailey Toole (President), Cameron Walsh (vice president in charge of McJeans Day), Ellie Wangerin (vice president in charge of the Food Drive), Sydnie Rouleau (vice president in charge of the blood drive), Ellie Peterson (secretary), Vivian Duong (treasurer), Sarah Koplin (editor), and Tejas Athni (webmaster).