King will be crowned tonight

Announcement at Powderpuff

Aaron Arnold

By NICK DOROGY, Gazebo Staff Writer

Eight senior boys will represent Stratford on tonight’s homecoming king court.

Wade Snow, Aaron Arnold, Robert Stone, Jake Edwards, Luke Slappey, Noah Hill, Trey Tharpe and Walker Gibbons are on the court.

The king will be announced during tonight’s powderpuff games beginning at 7:30.

Each of the other classes will be have a representative on the court. The freshman are represented by William Deal. The sophomore class is represented by Christian Palmer. The junior class representative is Tyler Jordan.

Senior Trey Tharpe
Trey Tharpe
Senior Wade Snow
Wade Snow
Robert Stone
Robert Stone
Vice Principal Theresa Ferrari (Left) and Senior Noah Hill (Right)
Noah Hill, right, with assistant principal Theresa Ferrari
Senior Jake Edwards
Jake Edwards
Senior Luke Slappey (Left) and Senior Walker Gibbons (Right)
Luke Slappey, left, and Walker Gibbons