Teachers offer ‘treasures’


Freshman Dell Sikes makes a bid during the silent auction

Neely Shah and Cap Patel

Movie nights. Tennis lessons. Tea parties. Hayrides. Roller Derby. And a chance to be “headmaster” and “preschool director” for a day.

These are just a few of the “Teacher Treasures” being offered as part of the opening weekend for “Celebrating Art.”

‘Celebrating Art’ offers ‘something for everyone.

Mrs. Mary Reid Carter, eighth-grade English teacher, is chair of Teacher Treasures. She brought the idea to Stratford from a school in Atlanta, which holds a similar event.

“It is the most beloved activity we do all year,” Mrs. Carter said. “The students always have a wonderful reaction to it and get really excited about Teacher Treasures.”

Each teacher offers a unique talent or something they experience in their daily life to the students of Stratford. There are 30 “treasures” and more than 50 teachers are participating.

Students, their parents can bid on the “treasures” during the silent auction in the school’s front lobby.

“Each teacher is giving their time, energy, effort, and talent in order to help Stratford raise more money so we could be the wonderful school we are,” said Mrs. Carter.

Ms. Parris is offering hand sewing lessons while Dr. Veto is offering “Headmaster For A Day”.

“I think this project is going to go very well and next year will be an even greater success,” said Mrs. Carter.

The following is a list of “Teacher Treasures” for the silent auction.

  • A Tour of the Pliny House, Macon’s first water source, with Mr. Andy Lawson.
  • Johnny’s Pizza Party and Cupcakes on a School Day with Mrs. Mary Reid Carter.
  • A One-Hour Math Tutoring Session with Mr. Jeff Hubbard.
  • Attend a Yoga Class with Ms. Sara Walcott.
  • Puppetry Center of Arts Night Out with Mrs. Andrea Seagraves.
  • Two Dozen Handcrafted Cards by Mrs. Michell Fleming.
  • Mother/Daughter Tea Party with Mrs. Terry Sowell and Ms. Maggie Sowell.
  • Hometown Roller Derby Experience with Ms. Lindsey Morse.
  • Gift Certificate for a four-person private clay class with Kathy Murphy at Macon Mud.
  • Tie Dye and S’more Party with Mrs. Melissa Smith and Mrs. Millie Jones.
  • Pastry Chef at Natalia’s with Ms. Holly.
  • Mercer Women’s Basketball Game with Mrs. Wendy Woodcock.
  • Snack and Movie Night in the Cantrell Cafeteria for first, second and third  graders with nine teachers.
  • Mrs. Mann and Me: Lunch and Ice Cream Off-Campus with Mrs. Redonda Mann.
  • Painted Chair by Ms. Kathy Fox.
  • Outdoor Movie with popcorn, snacks and drinks for up to five lower School children at “The Farm” with Mr. Jerry Elder and Mrs. Phyllis Elder.
  • Hayride, Hot Dog Roast, and S’mores around the Fire Pit at The Farm for up to five lower school Students with Mr. Jerry Elder and Mrs. Phyllis Elder.
  • Breakfast for you and your entire home room from Chick-fil-A compliments of Mrs. Susan Jones and Mrs. Susan Rozier.
  • Hand Stitching Lesson with Ms. Lauren Parris.
  • Two 45 minute 1-on-1 soccer skills sessions with Coach Kate Blankenship.
  • A dinner party for 8 delivered to your home: appetizers, main meal, dessert, and a casual centerpiece for you to keep.
  • An Afternoon of Cookie Baking and Decorating with Mrs. Lee Barrow & Mrs. Elizabeth Cleveland.
  • Beginners Handprint/Footprint Snowman Rug made with Mrs. Stephanie Greene and Mrs. Janet Pierson.
  • Lunch at El Sombrero on a School Day with Señora Nancy Gordillo.
  • Sky Zone and Chick-fil-A Lunch with Mrs. Angie Judd and Mrs. Cheryl Griggs.
  • A Stratford Spirit Wreath by Wreaths by Hope.One hour tennis lesson with Jaime Kaplan.
  • Preschool Director for a Day and lunch with Dr. Kelly Causey.
  • Movie Musical Madness (Enjoy snacks and drinks while watching musicals) with Mrs. Rachel Chabot.
  • Make Your Own Crêpes and Collages with Mrs. Rachel Chabot.
  • A Sporting Trip with Mr. Bobby Stecher and Mr. Dewayne Lawson.
  • Another Sporting Trip with Mr. Bobby Stecher and Mr. Dewayne Lawson.
  • Headmaster for a Day with Dr. Bob Veto.
  • Stratford After Dark with Mrs. Kathy Larsen, Ms. Christian Burgess, and Mrs. Karen Snow.
  • Nu-Way Lunch and autographed book with the author, Mr. Ed Grisamore.
  • A 45-minute Charcoal Sketch of Your Child from Life during study hall by Kristy Edwards.
  • Father/Son Sculpture Workshop with Ms. Anastasia Fink.