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The mission of The Gazebo is to inform, entertain, enlighten and engage the Stratford community. You are invited to be part of the discussion. Here are ways to make your voices hear.


Write a Letter to the Editor or contribute a story or column

The Gazebo publishes letters to the editor and welcomes story and photo contributions from students who are not member of the staff.

Letters to the Editor may address any issue related to Stratford, including feedback on stories and opinions published in the Gazebo. Letters generally should be no more than 150 words in length. If you want to submit a letter, please use the form below.




Send Us a Story Idea or News Tip

If we don’t know about it, we can’t cover it So let us know about your event or story idea.



Join the Gazebo

Membership in the Gazebo staff is open by application to all upper school students (including rising 9th graders). There are 32 students involved in Stratford’s journalism program in both the Journalism and Introduction to Journalism classes. The Gazebo also has several contributors.

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