Stratford rallies behind annual food drive


Senior Hadley Neal donates cans to her homeroom.

The Stratford Key Club has completed its canned food drive,  More than $1,250 was collected and more than 4,000 items were turned in for Macon Outreach, which works with churches, area services, and volunteers to help offer meals.

Students were asked to bring minimum of 10 cans, two pairs of crew neck socks, or $12 per student in each home room. Faculty members also were encouraged to bring items that can be donated.

Junior Matt Newberry was in charge of this year’s food drive. He worked with Key Club advisor, Mrs. Hollie Wangerin, and Key Club President, senior Vivian Duong.

Mrs. Wangerin said she enjoys the November food drive because she knows she is making an impact on those who she is helping.

“There is an incredible need in the Macon-Bibb county area. Many families live below the poverty line and struggle to meet basic needs,” Mrs. Wangerin said. “The primary mission of Key Club, in the world at large and right here in our hometown.

“Last year, I walked in and looked at all of the empty racks, and then I looked at all of the food we had to offer. I know we’re going to fill those empty shelves. I was there one day when a mother came in with her toddler. It was an incredible feeling to know we were making a positive difference in that little girl’s life.”