Senior Superlatives

Most Eagle Pride — Rushabh Patel and Ashlin Jackson

Best Smile  — Jamie O’Quinn and Anaya Thomas

Most Athletic  — Christian Palmer and Drake Miscall

Gazebo Photo by Jansyn Stephens
Autumn Land and Austin Slocumb earned superlative for “Best Hair.”

Prettiest Eyes — Lucas Brewer and Whitney Sikes

Biggest Flirt — Bobby McCord and Betsy Hill

Best to Take Home to Parents — McKinley Thompson and Holland Schell

Cutest   — Jayce Stephens and  Maimee Henderson

Most Artistic — Noah Fenimore and Li-An Tsai

Biggest Chatterbox — Jamal Hughes and Kathryn Spinks

Most Social — Jonathan Siegel and Caroline Horn

Most likely to be Famous  — Devin Butts and Maggie Fuchs

Class Clown  — Charlie Giles and Gracie Bell

Best Dressed  — John Morgan Manley and Josie Coleman

Most likely to return to Macon — Hughes Pinson and Caroline Cole

Friendliest —  Preston Brewer and Marta Stevenson

Most Changed Since Ninth Grade — Nick O’Neal and Kenzie Muenzer

Best Hair — Austin Slocumb and Autumn Land

Most Gullible — Griffin Matson and McKay Powers

Most likely to sign in late —  Sam Clark and Kaitlyn Neel

Cutest couple that never was  — Luke Haney and Karen Jarrard