14 elected to SLB for upcoming year

Rising senior Elizabeth Sellers elected student body president


Gazebo Photo by Bonnie Sherwood

Elizabeth Sellers conducted her first Upper School assembly on Monday


Elizabeth Sellers has been elected president of the Student Leadership Board, and the class presidents and representatives were announced on April 22.

There are two representatives and one class president per grade, besides the Senior class which has three representatives, one class president, and a student body president. In total, there 14 members on the board.

Elizabeth said she is excited about her new position and wants to bring “more school spirit” to the Stratford community.

Here is a list of the 2019-2020 SLB:

Student Body President

Elizabeth Sellers


President – Sophia Tang

Representatives – Jacob Groover,  Gracie Jorgenson


President – Walker Bethune

Representatives – Bonnie Sherwood, Rachel Toon


President –  AJ Stevenson

Representatives – Lolly McMahon, Caroline Sutherland


President – Lucy Boswell

Representatives – Abby Ellison, Matt Newberry, Anna Grace Grossnickle