Animal Rescue Club raises more than $300 at bake sale


Students at the FPD vs Stratford game enjoying the baked goods. L to R: Shreya Ranabhotu, Kendall Simmons, Lillie Sweet Strickland, Josie Lamb, and Taylor Swan.

Olivia Mann and Bailey Thames

The Animal Rescue Club is new to Stratford this year.

Juniors Evie Tharpe and Kendall Simmons got the idea while visiting Kitty City on “Stratford Out Serving” (SOS) day last spring.

“We got the interest group approved. They had to get the idea to SLB, and the SLB meeting committee had to vote on it- this year it is technically an interest group,” said club advisor Dr. Kayla Morales. “So, as of now, it is technically still not a club. Next year, based on whether the administration thinks it was popular enough with the students based on the amount of activity, student interest or engagement, and overall success.”

 The club has had several fund-raising activities including bake sales at the beginning of the school year and at the Stratford-FPD basketball game in January.

“The first thing we did was the donation drive at the beginning of the year in the fall semester collecting bags of food, treats, canned food; those went to Kitty City and Macon-Bibb,” Dr. Morales said. “Right now we’re doing the bake sale for Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare because it is a kill shelter, and they recently received an order from the government to stop taking in animals because it was over capitated. So now we’re raising money to actually sponsor adoptions for animals on the list. Last, this spring, I think the students are going to volunteer at a local 5K that will donate to another shelter.” 

The club tends to cater to domestic animals like dogs and cats that are in need of help, but Dr. Morales is an all-around animal lover. She has one dog, who is thirteen years old, and three cats. She hopes to get goats and chickens next. According to her, the only animal she does not like is Fischer birds.