Lifelong love of country music began early

Lifelong love of country music began early

I have grown up listening to country music my whole life. My parents always had country artists like Garth Brooks and Randy Travis playing.

They used to take me to John Berry’s Christmas concerts at The Grand Opera House for years while I was growing up. 

After every concert, I would get to go and talk to him and he always gave me the guitar pick he used that night. One year he came right after my birthday so in the middle of the show he asked me to stand up and told me happy birthday.

The only time you will see me listening to any other music is if I am with friends who do not like country music. Only a few of my friends actually enjoy listening to country music.

As soon as they leave the car I already have Thomas Rhett and Luke Combs playing again.

In my age group, more people listen to rap and other genres of music. This past September I went to Music Midtown for my first time. There were no country artists singing there, but I still had a lot of fun.

When I was in sixth grade I went to the Luke Bryan concert in Macon at the Luther Williams Baseball Field. It was my first big country music concert. There were a lot of people from Stratford at the concert. My mom surprised me with tickets because I loved his music at the time.

Later this year, on October 2nd, I am going to go and see Dan and Shay in concert in Atlanta.