We asked students about their superstitions on Friday the 13th


“No, I think it’s lucky because 13 is my lucky number for basketball.” -Shorter McCook, Junior

“Yes, it is stereotyped as a bad day.”– Langley Anne Faulkner, sophomore

“Everything has meaning. Whenever I feel deja vu something bad will happen.”- Jack Minette, junior

“I have to wear my hair the same for every game, I have to do the same thing every time I do something good, I have to sleep with the fan on. I use a yellow mechanical pencil” – Mazzy Sowell, freshma. 

“I don’t think Friday the 13th is particularly unlucky for me. My only superstition is that I wear a special pair of pearl earrings for every dance audition I go to for good luck” – Carly Blackwood, junior

“ I am superstitious before games, I touch the eagle for good luck, but I do think Friday the 13th is superstitious, but I do not know why.”- Carson Chambless, junior

“Yes, I believe Friday the 13th is unlucky. In Vietnam we have the superstition of not having a 13th floor.” – -Megan Huynh, senior.

“I am superstitious about Friday the 13th, I think of it as bad luck, because of the movie Friday the 13th, and it is a common superstition” – Ann Marie Sikes, sophomore  

“I don’t really think that Friday the 13th is unlucky, but one of my superstitions is my lucky number 16” – Dylan Driver, junior

“I’m not really superstitious but we did hit a deer last night and it was the night before Friday the 13th.” -Jean Hightower, sophomore

“This might not be a common superstition but, it’s one I follow. You should pet a black cat on Friday the 13 because it’s good luck and if you don’t, your day will go poorly. I forgot to pet my cat on the last Friday the 13th and my day went terribly.” – Alex Hall, Senior

 “I pet my cat every day, so I guess I’ll always have good luck whenever it happens to be Friday the 13th.” – Shaw London, Senior

 “Honestly it’s just a number, I am not a very superstitious person.” — Kamber Thalongsengchanh, sophomore

 “Personally I do believe it is a superstitious day. The number 13 is just an unlucky number.” — Emily Hutchinson, sophomore