Eagles bolstered by large, talented senior class

Final regular season home game is Friday night against Deerfield


Gazebo Photo by Courtesy of Lee McDavid

Depending on the region playoff picture, Friday night’s final regular-season home game could be the last time Stratford’s seniors play at Cantrell Stadium.

The 19 seniors on the roster are more than the last two year combined. Head Coach Mark Farriba has not had these kinds of numbers in a long time. One of these numbers is not like the others, and this year’s senior class is like no other.  The impact of the 19 seniors this season has been a driving force in the team’s 6-2 record going into the last region game, and possibly the last home game of the season.

“The only one I can remember was 1985 and had 22 seniors, not really anything close since then. It’s a really good number,” Coach Farriba said.

The class of 2021 seniors overall record at Stratford Academy is 25-17 with a 59 percent win percentage. At home they have posted a record of 10-10, with a 5-1 record freshman year. A few accomplishments that this class achieved was going 3-1 against FPD, and winning their senior year. Also, they posted a 3-1 record against Tattnall Square Academy. They went undefeated in their high school career against Twiggs County and Wilkinson County.

In their first year of state playoffs, they went to the elite eight after receiving a first round bye for their state rank. Their sophomore year they went on a hot 4-0 run to make the state playoffs. Their junior year they fought hard in the second half of the season, but lost in the first round to Coach Farriba’s former school, Prince Avenue Christian.

This senior class has experienced highs and lows throughout their high school career, but as things are approaching the end they are playing their best football of the season. They have all had a special moment in their life that they won’t forget. 

Senior Jack Miscall’s favorite moment from high school football is beating FPD as a senior. He felt like there was a great atmosphere and he enjoyed the thrill of the game. Ben Jamison shared the same memory against FPD, and is glad to have the bragging rights against the day school. Thomas Jones’ favorite memory was beating Tattnall at their place last year and this year. 

TheEagles continue to look forward to the rest of the season considering they might be playing for a region championship. Also, Coach Farriba believes in this team and what they can achieve this season. The Eagles are ranked No. 11 in the state and look forward to making a run in the playoffs. 

(59) KNOX CLEVELAND — RG DE, Varsity since 2017. 

(67) BEN BAXLEY — LG DE, Varsity since 2017

(71 ) BOND ALMAND — LT, Varsity since 2017

(25) WILLIAM MCCORMACK — TE, ILB Varsity since 2017

(21) COLE DEVENNEY — FB, LB Varsity since 2017

(19) BEN JAMISON — WB, Safety Varsity since 2017

(12 ) JACK MISCALL — TE, ILB Varsity since 2017

(4 ) WALDON DAVIS — WR, CB Varsity since 2017

(2)  JASE SMITH — LB,TE, Varsity since 2017

(35)  JAMES MICHAEL REEVES — K, Varsity since 2018

(11)  ZAYNE ARELL — CB,WR, Varsity since 2019

(20) THOMAS JONES — CB, WB, Varsity since 2017

(60)  HUNTER HOGAN — DE, Varsity since 2017

(15) CARTER NYSTROM — S, Varsity since 2017

(3) JAY LEE — WR, CB, Varsity 2017,2020

(55) STETSON HATCHER — ILB Varsity since 2017

(73)  HARRISON TUCK  — RT, DE, Varsity since 2017

(28) GARRETT SOLHEIM — FB, S, Varsity since 2018