It all adds up for Investment Club in virtual stock market


Gazebo Photo by Ranya Ajjan

Sophomores Ishaan Narsinghani, left, Peter Garud of the Stratford Investment Club

100,000 imaginary dollars could buy an imaginary house, an imaginary Dodge Viper GT, or even a private island.

Would you ever consider investing in the Stock Market with 100,000 imaginary dollars?

Sophomores Ishaan Narsinghani, Peter Garud, Aashiq Patel, and Paul Harrington recently won the fall stock market competition where they invested an virtual 100,000 in real stocks, bonds,and virtual funds.

The team with the most equity at the end of the competition won. The team has  the potential to win prizes and cash if they keep doing well in the competition.

Both Ishaan and Aashiq said they felt somewhat surprised when they learned of their win. Their team pulled ahead when the team ahead of them was caught cheating.

“We looked at the news and what was occurring at the time based on current events,’’ Ishaan said, “So what we saw was the election was occuring around the same time we had to make sure the stocks we invested in were not super impacted by the election. We picked stocks that were reliable but still could have a gain in the small amount of time we had left.”

Aashiq Patel hopes to work in the stock market when he is older. 

“I think investing in stock is almost essential in the government we have today,’’ Ishaan said. “ It enables you to further your income and invest in different companies.”

Beginning Friday, Feb. 26, the club will be selling Chick-fil-A chicken biscuits in the front lobby from 7:50 to 8:25 a.m. on a bi-weekly basis.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to other clubs on campus to help fund their own projects.