SPECIAL K: Avant makes her pitch to strike out hunger

mwa portrait2Stratford senior Mary Wilson Avant using softball taken to raise money to fight hunger in the community. (Photo by Leah Davis)


Gazebo Staff Writer

Mary Wilson Avant gets a lot of wins on the pitching mound. Now, she gets plenty of saves off the field, too.

Using her considerable talents on the softball field, the Stratford senior has created “Strikeouts for Hunger.” It is a community service campaign that receives donations for every strikeout she throws this season.

Her mother, Elizabeth Avant, the communications coordinator at Stratford, said it has been hard for her daughter to give back in this way in the past.

“She has been unable to participate in mission trips (at church) due to her rigorous year-round practice schedule,” Mrs. Avant said. “She realized she didn’t have to travel out of Macon, Georgia to make a difference.”

Her junior year, she participated in community service with the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia, along with her class. This activity made Mary Wilson realize hunger was a real issue in our community.

Mary Wilson was hoping we would get around $20 to $25 per strikeout, her mother said. But to date she has more than $35 per strikeout pledged.

“I know it won’t make a huge difference in the scheme of things, but to those families who depend on the Rescue Mission and Macon Outreach for a meal every day, it will,” Mary Wilson said.

Strikeouts for Hunger is not sponsored by Stratford, but a lot of the money has come from school families. Even families from other schools have pledged.

As of September 23, Mary Wilson had raised about $2,385 with 81 strikeouts.

Stratford students can stay updated on the campaign with Mary Wilson’s blog, strikeoutsforhunger.wordpress.com. Pledges are also still being received through her email, [email protected].

DSC_0304(Photo by Leah Davis)