Volleyball team making its mark

The team huddles before their game against Tattnall

The team huddles before its game against Tattnall (Photo by LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Staff)

By LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Assistant Editor

As the Stratford girls volleyball team enters its sixth year as a competitive squad, the players are definitely making their mark on the program.

Even with a small start in 2011, only playing 12 games with a record of 5-7, and a rough second season with an overall record of 4-21, the Eagles have been committed to improving and excelling at this relatively new Stratford sport.

In their current season, the Eagles have had well-earned success, winning seven of their 15 games. This is one the best season records in the history of the school’s volleyball program.

Aysha Roberts, a current senior and member of the team for her fifth year, is happy with the team’s achievement and how she and her teammates have grown over the years.

“I think that the volleyball team has improved in many ways over the past four to five years, not only as a team but also as individuals,” she said. She added that “personal character and teamwork have shaped [the] team this season.”

Roberts is joined by Riley Grossnickle as a fifth-year team member. Roberts remembers her early years as being different.

“I have noticed that over the years each team has been closer than the last and I love it,” she said. “It has meant a lot to me being that it is my senior year.”

Aysha sets the ball for her teammate as practice for the game.
Aysha Roberts sets the ball for her teammate as practice for the game. (Photo by LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Staff)