Dr. Veto’s Response

To the Editors of the Gazebo:

Lucy Bobbitt’s editorial of March 4 was extremely well-written (she’s obviously had some excellent English teachers), but I feel the need to respond to what I believe was a bit of persuasive truth-twisting in the service of her argument.

Don’t get me wrong:  I’m very glad that Mrs. Brogdon decided to add an extra Spirit Day in the Upper School, to coincide with the Girls’ Basketball Semifinal game.   It was a well-deserved recognition of the accomplishments of this excellent team.

But I feel certain that the author was in the auditorium on Monday when I announced that the all-school Spirit Day was intended to honor BOTH our Varsity Basketball teams, and also the weekend victory by PGA pro Russell Henley, Stratford Class of 2007.   Further, the author would have also heard me say that the Spirit Day was set up to coincide with the first day of the State Tournament – NOT, as stated in the editorial, to coincide with the Boys’ game.  That just so happened.   Had the GISA tournament opened instead with Girls’ play on Wednesday, then the Spirit Day would have coincided with the Girls’ game.   It’s just that simple.

Let’s pull together and support all our teams, and not create artificial “us versus them” scenarios.   Both our Boys’ and Girls’ teams have enjoyed great success this year, and both have enjoyed great support from students, cheerleaders, teachers, parents, and administration.

Go Eagles!

Dr. Robert E. Veto

Head of School