ASK CARLIZZI: Senioritis, Spring Break and Prom


Dear Carlizzi: I’ve caught senioritis. What do I do?

I totally understand what you’re going through. Carlizzi has a terrible case of it. It’s unavoidable by the time you’ve already applied for college, especially if you’ve already gotten into a few. But it really is important to end the year on a good note with your teachers and the school we all know and love.

For this reason, we suggest that you stop paying attention. You can’t forget to do the homework if you never knew you had it! Better yet, just don’t show up to class. You can’t fail a test if you’re not there to take it. And, maybe if you’re lucky, your teachers will be so confused as to whether you still go here that they will completely forget you are enrolled at Stratford.

Dear Carlizzi: Help! I need clothes for Spring Break and a prom dress, but I have no money.

This is a dilemma quite a few girls go through. I personally use the website “Rent the Runway” to find my prom dress. You rent it instead of buy it, so it’s significantly cheaper, as well as designer quality. I did this this year and my dress was $70 total, much cheaper than anything you can find in a store.

As far as bathing suit, you can find really good deals online and in stores. You just have to be patient, For instance, Aerie had a “buy one get one free” offer about two weeks ago, and Target also has plenty of bathing suits and sales. So this situation is really one of timing, and as spring break is approaching soon, you better get on that fast.

Dear Carlizzi: I feel so stupid asking this, but who should I take to prom – my best (female) friend or the girl I like?

This seems like a hard decision, and there isn’t necessarily one right answer. For all I know maybe the girl you like also has feelings for you, in which case this would be a great opportunity.

But chances are, like most guys in high school you’re awkward around girls, especially if you like them. That being said, don’t mess up your chances by being a super awkward date to a girl you don’t know very well and instead ask your best girl friend.

This is not only cute but you know you guys will get along great and have a good time. Also, this might make it easier to hangout with your friend group, since both of you guys have the same friends.

Don’t be that guy that thinks prom is his chance to make a move, it’s not. It’s just not.