Knock, Knock

Students, faculty now must swipe security badges when entering main doors in building


Gazebo Photo by Rania Akbar

Freshman Langley Fickling is greeted by new security system at front door of main building

Identification badges were issued to all faculty, middle and upper school students at the beginning of the school year.

Outside doors now are secured in the main office building, library and science building. Students must swipe their cards to access entry for each door.

A doorbell camera has been added to the front office entrance. This allows the office staff to monitor visitors entering the building.

I miss the days where we could just open doors.”

— Tomi Sogade, junior

“We have had a lot of positive feedback from students and parents because they see it as one more attempt to step up our security,” Upper School Principal Mrs. Margaret Brogdon said.

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While not all students are thrilled with the new entry system, most applaud the effort to bolster security on campus.

“I am personally not a fan,” junior Tomi Sogade said. “I have to go through so much effort to pull this card out and slap it against the buzzer and sometimes it doesn’t open. I miss the days where we could just open doors.”

Senior McKay Powers approves of the change.

“It’s not an inconvenience to me,” she said. “It’s probably more of convenience because before sometimes doors wouldn’t open and you would have to walk the long way around. Now we can open them with our cards.”