76 new students participate in Honor Code assembly


Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady

Claire Collins and Ella Fenimore signed the Honor Code

Students in the upper school gathered in the Henry H. Tift Fine Arts auditorium on Friday, Aug. 16, for the annual Honor Code signing assembly. 

Matt Newberry, this year’s honor chair, spoke about the meaning of the honor code and introduced the members of the honor council. The council consists of two representatives from each class: Sophia Tang and Jacob Groover are freshmen representatives, Esha Panse and Dylan Driver are sophomore representatives, Sabina Ajjan and Nora Jorgensen are junior representatives, and Sara Kate Durkee and Asma Karim are senior representatives.

The 69 students in the freshmen class and seven new upperclassmen  signed the pledge on stage.

Here is a list of those students signing the Honor Code.

Seniors: Wyatt Morehead

Juniors: Yuxin “Grace” Ge,  Mateo Gomez, Shiv Patel

Sophomores: Garrett Lang, Annie Shih, Briony Wooten

Freshmen: Mariam Ahmed, Zain Awan, Jimmy Bowden, Isabella Burrell, Marshall Butler, Blain Caldwell, Andy Cheek, Haylee Grace Cole, Claire Collins, Matthew Cooper, Abigail Crick, Caroline Crick, Luke Deal, Maddie Dummitt, Maci Durso, Parker Epps, Langley Anne Faulkner, Elinor Fenimore, Liam Fickling, Peter Garud, Keondre Glover, Paige Gray, Abby Griffin, Jacob Groover, Taylor Gumbart, Ama Hairston, Ellis Harrell, Paul Harrington, Cal Hatcher, Jean Hightower, Kanon Hinson, Samiyah Houston, Emily Hutchinson, Jasmine Jokhai, Clarke Jones, Gracie Jorgensen, West Kovacs, Will Lamb, Jonathan Lease, Zoe Leigh, Athena Leskovics, Peyton Lovett, Eli Miscall, Anneliese Morehead, Ishaan Narsinghani, Malik Odeh, Chanju Park, Aashiq Patel, Riya Patel, Gita Pavuluri, Shreya Ranabhotu, Duke Roberts, Edie Sharpton, Ann Marie Sikes, Kaila Slaughter, Sahel Sodagar, Mason Spiegel, Quez Stephens, Kjell Stevenson, Mack Strickland, Sophia Tang, Annabeth Tarbutton, Kamber Thalongsengchanh, Carter Tharpe, Anna Thompson, Will Tiller, Anna Wangerin,  Stuart Watson, Shaun Wilmore.

Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady
West Kovacs and Shreya Ranabhotu signed the Honor Code