Spice challenge competition heats up


Stratford students, make your bets.

On Friday, during break, the DEI Alliance Club will be hosting Stratford’s first ever Spice Challenge on the Senior Patio.

The Spice Challenge is a charity event where all the proceeds will be going to the Asian Pacific American Council of Georgia where “its organization preserves and promotes awareness, understanding, and pride in asain cultural heritage within our communities.”

“I chose this organization because I thought it encompasses a wide range of Asian cultures so that we can be as inclusive as possible,’’ senior Shaw London.

Proceeds will be obtained through bets placed on individual students who compete in the challenge. Students who bet the most money will get a dress down day among other prizes.

The competitors are sophomores Sophia Tang, Kjell Stevenson, Luke Deal, Jonathan Lease and juniors Emily Hunt, Ayush Patel, along with faculty members Coach Ross Bridges, and Mr. Bobby Stetcher.

“I think I’m fairly confident but I would tap out really quickly, like I’m not going through pain to do it and suffering to win but I will give it a shot,” Coach Bridges said.

“Oh, I’m here to win, I’m very confident about myself,’’ Mr. Stecher said

This challenge is to counteract stereotypes many believe about Asians and Pacific Americans, said DEI Alliance Faculty Advisor and Upper School teacher, Dr. Kayla Morales.

 “[It is] kind of exploring different topics within the Latin American and Asian American communities.’’ Dr. Morales said. “There has always been this stereotype that they are born with a higher tolerance to spice which is just a racially base stereotype. One of the ways we wanted to kind of mention that this is just a stereotype but also make it more engaging and fun was to have a charity spicy food competition.”

Some of the food items include “A chip that comes from a Mexican company that is supposed to be tolerable. One’s that’s called nuclear noodles that are supposed to be really spicy Asian noodles. Then one is the poki one chip challenge which is sold as an individual chip in a coffin shaped bag, and if you watch the youtube videos of the people doing it right now it looks like torture” said, Dr. Morales.

Dr. Morales said bread, milk and trash cans will be provided.

“We are doing [the competition] outside in the event somebody gets sick, but we are hoping that doesn’t happen,’’ she said. “ But we will be prepared.”