Ecology Club Paddles the Ocmulgee

Stratford’s Ecology Club may be the most active club on campus.  Not only do they regularly promote and facilitate recycling throughout the school, but also participate in weekend trips to enjoy and appreciate Georgia’s outdoors.

The club most recently organized an Ocmulgee River paddle for upper school students on Sunday, Sept. 28.

“The river is close and convenient for a club outing and the Ocmulgee Outdoor Expeditions business actually takes people on this,” club adviser Ms. Theresa Ferrari said. The company rents kayaks and canoes in Macon for use on the river.

“The 16 students who attended met at the river at approximately 12:45 p.m. where we all boarded a shuttle bus to head to the start point further up river. We had a short training session where they got the feel for the kayak and then proceeded to get into the water. When we were finished paddling, we snacked on brownies and lemonade and took pictures,” Ferrari said.Ocmulgee River Paddle

Hannah Wilson, senior and four-year member of the club, participated in the outing.

“I signed up for the paddle trip because all my friends were going and it sounded fun. It was long and hot, but we did find a rope swing. This was my first kayaking trip and I would do it again because it is definitely worth the $25 fee for four hours worth of kayaking,” Wilson said.

“The paddle went really well. It was super fun and everyone would have enjoyed it,” club president Ella Hall said.  “The experience on this trip was unforgettable and enjoyable and I would do it again. If I had to change one thing I would fix the weather. It would have been better if it was sunnier.”

Ferrari, Wilson, and Hall all said that the highlight of the trip was playing on a rope swing on the river bank.

Ocmulgee River Paddle

“My favorite part was definitely jumping off the rope swing,” Hall said.

“I wish there had been music and that we would have been closer together while kayaking. However, it was a unique and different experience from what we usually do in Ecology Club and I would probably go again,” Wilson said.

An addition to the club’s annual hiking and camping trip to the north Georgia mountains, the river paddle proved to be “a fun club outing to build appreciation for the river we have,” Ferrari said.  “I would absolutely offer it again. It was a wonderful way to spend time outdoors with everyone bonding.”