A Day in the Life of…Dr. Robert Veto

Welcome to “A Day in the Life of…” Have you ever wondered what the faculty and staff do outside of the Academy?  In this edition of our series, the Gazebo presents a day in the life of…


Dr. Robert Veto


1) Strangest place you have been?

The Great Wall of China was strange, but in a very positive way; it was extremely cool, and not like anything else.


 2) Most memorable moment at Stratford:

When Coach Bridges popped out of the “Eagle” costume at a pep rally.


 3) Favorite parking spot:

The one with my name on it!!


4) Favorite lunch item:

“Breakfast for Lunch.”


5) Best double period:

The John Green videos in my AP Modern class.


6) Best uniform combo or accessory:

The new Stratford tie!   It goes with everything!


7) If I got a tattoo, it would it be:

Very small.


8) When I wake up in the morning I…

Immediately remember that I’m older than I was yesterday.


9) At 3:15 I…

Close the door to my office and listen to the Kinks on Pandora.


10) My nemeses is…



11) Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Vine?