New Elective: International Relations offered for next year

Students interested in global affairs are excited about Stratford’s new course offering, International Relations, debuting this fall.

Students will explore global conflicts through in-class activities. History Department Chair Mr. Mike Kelley, who will teach the class, said the game-oriented class will teach students to “look into the positions of countries and solve the problems that the countries are dealing with.”

Students registered this spring for the semester course which is expected to enroll 15 students, although there is no restriction to class size.

In the class, students will be expected to form treaties and conclusions to try and “make the best deal they can,” Kelley said.

International Relations will benefit Stratford Model United Nations (MUN) students who attend conferences to compete against rival groups honing their critical thinking, public speaking, debating and writing skills. Students will be expected to do research outside of class and become acquainted with their country’s positions, but not much extra homework will be required for the class.

“I’m taking the international relations class because I think it will prepare me for Model UN,” freshman Aman Jindani said. Freshman Steve Durkee, who is also planning on taking the class, added, “I hope to go to some Model UN’s in the future.”

“It will be practice for model UN, but students won’t be required to do Model UN to be in the class,” said Kelley, who also coaches the MUN team.

“I follow worldwide issues, and I am going to take the class because it seems interesting,” said freshman Nick Dorogy, who has attended MUN conferences in the past.

The class is open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors, with no prerequisites or applications required.

Kelley hopes to add another class as a follow up to this semester-long course.