‘Sassy Stechers’ still have paws on coveted Frosh Cup

IMG_7480 (1)The “Sassy Stechers,” of upper school math teacher Mr. Bobby Stecher’s advisory, retained possession of the coveted Frosh Cup for Round 3 when results were announced this week. “The other advisors don’t have the skills that are necessary to lead their homeroom to victory,”  Stecher said. “I suppose being a math teacher is an advantage too.”

However, they cannot afford to get too “sassy.” The class leads Michelle Fleming’s ninth-grade advisory class in the overall standings by only five points. Stecher’s advisory has 227, Fleming has 222, Luke Harrington  201, Sylvia Haynie 194, Tom Lolis 173 and Matt Stewart 139. (Photo by LEAH DAVIS, Gazebo staff)