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Seniors get real-world experience with projects

Jack Peterson
Jack Peterson behind the microphone for the sports talk show with Bill Shanks.

By CARLY WANNA, Gazebo Editor

Jack Peterson began working with sports radio broadcaster, Bill Shanks, for his senior project.

So far, he has been able to talk on the radio show, which airs in the morning from 7 to 9 a.m. and in the afternoon from 3 to 6 p.m. on Fox Sports 1670-AM in Macon.

He is not sure if he wants to pursue radio broadcasting as a career, but he has enjoyed taking up the new project.

Carter Canady signed a liability waiver and geared up to fulfill his childhood dream of working with the SWAT team.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I used to run around and pretend I was a SWAT team member or a soldier and I have grown up shooting weapons,” he said. “So this was a good opportunity to truly understand what type of work they do.”

His senior project has given him the opportunity to shoot weapons unattainable to most citizens, learn tactics to subdue a criminal in a high speed chase, and ride in the SWAT team’s armored truck.

Conner Hefner can often be seen lighting up the stage, but her senior project puts her behind the scenes as stage manager to “Sabrina Fair,” an upcoming Theatre Macon show, 

Her mentor, director Jim Crisp, assigns her clerical work during the day, and she attends rehearsals every evening.

“I’ve gotten to watch the show start from nothing and grow into an awesome piece of theatre,” she said.

Hefner hopes to pursue a career in acting.

Carlton Woodcock poses for her senior project in New York City.

Carlton Woodcock’s senior project follows the trend of her high school job: modeling.

Her rare talent places her in an apartment in Manhattan for her project, allowing her to attend castings and shootings as she typically would.

Additionally, she enjoys the opportunity to learn more about makeup, hair, styling, and photography.

“The most interesting thing has been starting in an apartment with people who are all from different countries and have so many cool backgrounds,” she said.

Woodcock hopes to continue modeling, and subsequently wishes to pursue her interests in health and nutrition.

Other Seniors are working in the following positions:

  • AnaGrace Ballard is working with radiologist Stacy Byrd.
  • Asa Marshall is working as a dermatologist with William E. Freeman.
  • Ben Pruett is working with Mark Irvin as an attorney.
  • Cali Ruth Hayes is working as an audiologist with Elizabeth Robinson..
  • Christian Story is working with executive assistant to the sheriff, Cindy Gresham.
  • Emily Claire Fussell is working with  vice president of global sales for Delta airlines, Bob Somers.
  • George Lind is working as an anesthesiologist for Dr. John Hightower.
  • Holland Jones is working with Diane Bloodworth as a labor and delivery nurse manager.
  • Jacob Lischer is working with Lt. David Freeland as a police officer.
  • Mary Oren is working under Stephanie Bleshoy as a nurse anesthetist.
  • Meg Griffin is working with Georgia Legal Services attorney, Rachel Schell.
  • Rujul Patel is working with orthopedist Dr. Guy Foulkes.
  • Thomas Traynham is working as a sheriff with Lt.Michael Clay.
  • Tift Palmer is working as a surgeon with Dr. Richard Thomas.
  • Tommy Cleveland is working with doctor, John Chrabuszcz.
  • Wehbe Lee is working with surgeon, Benjie Christie.
  • Aiza Shabbir is is working as bake/cake decorator with Mary Virginia Gage.
  • Ally Parker is working with pediatrician Molly Sims.
  • Amber Datta is working with homemaker Ramola Kulkarni.
  • Avery Layton is working with Ashley Pyron as a small business owner.
  • Camille Bone is working with midwife Jessica Alligood.
  • Chris Jellum is working as a composer with Mark Anthony Chubb.
  • Colyar McCord is working as a speech pathologist with Mary Kathryn Brundig.
  • Connor Hefner is working as a theatre director with Jim Crisp.
  • Daniella Chrabuszcz is working as a biomedical engineer with Dr. Ha Van Vo.
  • Dylan Ogle is working as a clinical evaluator/ICADC Provider with Valerie Ford.
  • Dylan Quintal is working as a digital producer at The Telegraph with Stephan Mays.
  • Hinal Patel is working with lawyer Beki Meyers.
  • Jaedeyn Ellis is working with Janelle Stephens as an entrepreneur.
  • Mariam Akbar is working with Tori Jennings in senior advertising sales.
  • O’Showen Williams is working as a WMAZ-TV sports reporter with Wes Blankenship.
  • Pierce Reeves is working as a car dealer with David Gibson.
  • Quintez Cephus is working with Hughes Pinson,  president at a Renasant’s Bank.
  • Raine Foulkes is working at the hospital with OB/GYN Dr.Kerry Holliman.
  • Tanisha Ghosh is working in foster care with Mia Kimber.
  • Taylor Bashuk is working with the admissions director from Mercer University, Kelly Holloway.
  • Victoria Brown is working with teacher, Lynne Adams.
  • Wentao Wu is working with Mike McCue as a technology specialist.
  • Ann Thompson is working as a general contractor with Joey Battle.
  • Ashlee Francis is working with Honey Miscall on computer network designing and programming.
  • David Haithcock is working with engineer, Michael Reeves.
  • Mary Wilson Avant is working with Robin Parker at the Coliseum Hospital as head of marketing.
  • Michelle Tang is working as a baker with Sandra Chrabuszcz.
  • Savannah Alday is working with vocal coach, Torri Broxton.
  • Shishir Bandi is working with artist, Yvonne Gabriel.
  • Caroline Rozier is working with manager, Katherine Gonzalez.
  • (List compiled by Hadley Neal, Anna Parel and Maggie Thornsberry.)

The seniors will begin giving their project presentations on Saturday in the Dorogy Resource Room in the Science Center. The presentations will also run Monday through Friday.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend. The following is a schedule of the presentations.srprojectsked


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Seniors get real-world experience with projects