Frosh Cup heating up

The ninth-grade advisory of math teacher Mr. Griff Etheridge leads after the first round of Frosh Cup. (Photo by JOSIE LAMB, Gazebo Staff)

By JOSIE LAMB, Gazebo Staff Writer

“Staying on top, always on top,” said Holly Hunt, a ninth-grader in Mr. Griff Ethridge’s home room.

This is exactly what they have been doing for the past four weeks.

Hunt, along with the rest of the students in her home room, is excited to come out on top after the first round of the annual Frosh Cup.

Ethridge’s advisory is in first place after the first round. Ms. Anastasia Fink’s advisory is in second place and Mr. Brian Wells’ advisory is in third place.

Even though they struggled in the “no tardies” section and the molecule game, Ethridge’s home room excelled in other categories, such as attending Eagle Night, being first with forms, and showing their retreat Powerpoint slideshow.  

Other advisories still consider themselves in the competition for the trophy.

“Ethridge is going down”, said Abby Ellison, a student in Brian Well’s home room. Other students, like Taylor Swan, believe their home room will come out on top.

“My home room is going to come back and win,” said Swan.

The Frosh Cup competition continues through Nov. 14. The results of the second round will be announced Oct. 3.