Round 2 goes to Lolis


Students in the ninth-grade advisory of Susan Lolis admire the new piece of hardware in their home room. (Photo by JOSIE LAMB, Gazebo Staff)

By JOSIE LAMB, Gazebo Staff Writer

Ellen Adams and her classmates in the advisory of Mrs. Susan Lolis were shocked to move from last place in Round 1 of the Frosh Cup to winners of Round 2.

“When they announced that we had won, we were all shocked and couldn’t believe we had gained that many points,” Adams said.

Even though the advisory of math instructor Mr. Griff Ethridge remains in the lead for total points, Lolis pushed ahead for this round.

The “no demerit” section is what put Lolis to the top in Round 2, but other sections helped them keep a high score, such as their mentor retreat Powerpoint and learning cheers at the freshmen retreat.

The advisories of art teacher Ms. Anastasia Fink and Latin teacher Mr. Brian Wells are tied for second. The classes of Ms. Sylvia Haynie, Dr. Frank Katz are third and fourth, respectively.

Ninth grade dean Ms. Nancy Todd said the winner of the Frosh Cup will be announced on Nov. 14.