8,000 Miles From Home

Freshman Bhavik Narsinghani, seeking a better education and more opportunities upon graduation, moved from India to Macon this summer to begin his high school career at Stratford.

His parents and a close cousin remain in Nashik, a small town located in Maharashtra in the southwestern portion of India. He keeps in touch with them through Skype. Narsinghani said he hopes to see them again this summer.

Narsinghani is currently living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin, Ishaan, a 3rd grade Stratford student. Narsinghani said adjusting to life in the states was not difficult.

“My uncle and family were there to support me, so adapting to life in America was not that hard,” said Narsinghani, who previously visited the U.S. during the summer of 2010.

“Bhavik is adjusting very well as he seems to have friends and is able to get along with a lot of people,”social studies department chair Mr. Mike Kelley said. “I’m glad he’s in my homeroom. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and he’s been great.”

When asked to describe the cultural differences between America and India, Narsinghani said that there are no major differences. He noted, though, that in America friends appear to be closer to each other than in India.