The French Connection

Eight sophomores earned an armful of prizes at the World Language Day Competition at Middle Georgia State College today.

Sophomores Tanisha Ghosh, Amber Datta, Mariam Akbar, Laura Mitchell, Ally Parker, Daniella Chrabuszcz, Thomas Traynham, and Emily Claire Fussell broke out of the classroom for the day, competing with students from First Presbyterian Day School, Central High School, and Rutland High School.

The competition was divided into four categories: creative poetry, performing arts, posters, and a video contest.

Writing and reciting their own poetry from memory Parker won first place and Chrabuszcz received honorable mention in Level 3 French.

In Level 2 of the video competition, Traynham and Fussell were awarded honorable mention. Datta and Ghosh won with their commercial about French tourism.

“It was a great experience and I hope to be able to do it again next year,” Datta said.