The Girls Ask the Guys, It’s Always a Surpirse

Last year, Thanksgiving break set off an arms race among Stratford girls to claim a date to Sadie Hawkins.

The crisis began when Bailey Vance asked fellow senior Andrew Stapleton after the holiday.  The next day, girls began crossing class lines to call dibs on their dates for the February event.

Parents complained. Administrators fretted. Counselors were called in.

Last year’s dance was such a debacle that there were rumors around the halls this fall that Sadie Hawkins would be called off.

But despite lingering concerns about the dance, administrators have decided to keep Sadie Hawkins, which will be held on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Armory Ballroom.

This time around, however, SAB has suggested that girls wait to ask their dates until at least the winter holidays, a delay most upper school girls seem to favor.

“I wish the girls didn’t ask so early because then everyone freaks out, and the girls are in a rush to ask their date,” said junior Mary Cason Sherwood, who added that “it’s always fun to think of creative ways to ask the boys to the dance. That’s the best part.”

SAB adviser Ms. Lori Palmer said the decision on the dance was delayed while the school addressed parents’ concerns, including girls being too scared to ask boys to a dance, girls “claiming” their dates too early, and questions about whether it was appropriate for girls to ask boys to a dance.

SAB and SIB have chosen The Hands of Time to play for the dance.

Most students are looking forward to the dance, if not the dancing.

“I don’t want to shag during the whole dance, that’s probably the only thing I would change about the dance,” said junior Brighten Donner, whose favorite rap tracks are probably not among The Hands of Time’s covers.

Girls, keep in mind the dance is not until February. The boys aren’t going anywhere.