A Day in the Life of…

Welcome to “A Day in the Life of…” We all wonder what our fellow classmates do when they aren’t under close teacher supervision at the Academy. In our new series, the Gazebo puts you in another student’s shoes for a day in the life of…

Katherine Kennedy

1. Strangest place you have been:

Korean Festival.

2. Most memorable moment at Stratford:

Middle school theater, when my true acting skills came to life.

3. Favorite parking spot:

Handicapped parking spots until it became a threat of detention.

4. Favorite lunch item:

Grapes for catapulting around the lunchroom when teachers aren’t looking.

5. Best double period:

AP U.S. until I get a hand cramp from all the notes.

6. Best uniform combo or accessory:

My green vest, which Mr. Reynolds and I are in disagreement about.

7. If you had to get a tattoo what would it be:

“Eat cake, be cremated.”

8. When I wake up in the morning I…

Hit snooze.

9. At 3:15 I…

Call Mom to bring my basketball clothes that I never remember to bring myself.

10. My nemeses is…

Every other car on the road…they better watch out.

11. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,  Twitter, or Vine….