Winter Wonderland

Students all over Macon were overjoyed to get three snow days during the last week of January.

Everyone found their own way to have fun in the fluffy white stuff, from making snow angels to sledding down local slopes. The city’s first snowfall in several years was enough to make even the most dedicated students close their books and venture out into the winter wonderland.

With winter weather moving in, Head of School Dr. Robert Veto announced that Stratford would close on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 28-29. The school also closed on Thursday because of icy road conditions.

Freshman Lily Howe spent Wednesday – the day after the snow fell – at Idle Hour Country Club along with many other students. Howe said she  had lots of fun sledding on the golf course with a wooden sled. Howe noted that she also managed to finish her school work on Thursday night before school resumed on Friday.

Sophomore Ally Raymond enjoyed building snowmen in the snow, but discovered the hard way that snow is in fact cold.

“I got frostbite in my finger and it turned purple and I had to treat it,” Raymond said. Perhaps because of the injury, Raymond did not complete her homework over the snow days.

Sophomore Tommy Cleveland had loads of fun during his snow day riding on an inner tube that was being pulled by a speedy four wheeler. Cleveland said he broke a mailbox in his neighborhood while sliding around a sharp turn. Cleveland was unharmed.

Even with the snow from the January storm long gone, dreams of another mid-week snow break have captured the imaginations of Academy students this week as another winter storm  is scheduled to arrive in Middle Georgia beginning tomorrow.