Day In The Life Of…

Welcome to “A Day in the Life of…” We all wonder what our fellow classmates do when they aren’t under close teacher supervision at the Academy. In our new series, the Gazebo puts you in another student’s shoes for a day in the life of…

Trey Tharpe (9th Grade)

1. Strangest place you have been:

Russell [Mole’s] house.

2. Most memorable moment at Stratford:

Kasey Sander’s crazy little brother on the sidelines at basketball games.

3. Favorite parking spot:

 I don’t drive.

4. Favorite lunch item:

Soft pretzels.

5. Best double period:

P.E. on Fridays.

6. Best uniform combo or accessory:

My costume jewelry bracelet.

7. If you had to get a tattoo what would it be:

My mother’s face.

8. When I wake up in the morning I…

Get up and then lay back down.

9. At 3:15 I…

Go to the gym.

10. My nemesis is…

My interviewer.

11. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,  Twitter, or Vine….