Here comes Sadie!!!

Annual Sadie Hawkins dance is Saturday, Feb. 2 at Georgia Sports Hall of Fame


Abby Ellison and Carter Barfield

Betsy Hill and James Michael

Sadie Hawkins will be held on Saturday, Feb. 2  at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame downtown. The dance will take place from 8 to 10:30 p.m.

There was not homecoming dance last fall, so this will be the first dance of the school year.

The theme will be an “Award Winning Sadies,” with date walls and decorations relating to an award show. As always, there will be a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse. Snacks, such as a nugget tray, sandwich platter, popcorn, and soda will be offered.

This theme is different from past themes, so everybody is very excited. SLB member, Matt Newberry shared that all of the SLB really liked it because “it is different and fun, and since the venue is the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, it works well.”


Abby Ellison and Carter Barfield


James Michael Reeves and Betsy Hill

Matt is also excited to announce the date walls for each grade will be one of the 4 EGOT awards (Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys).

The last hour of the dance, the upstairs will be open, allowing students to take part in fun, interactive games.


Marta Stevenson and Griffin Matson

Hadley Neal and Rob Cunningham

Caroline Cole and Chan Copelan

Li-An Tsai and Shaw London

Autumn Land and McKinley Thompson

Holland Schell and Sam Clark

Molly Groves and Reid Wilson

McKay Powers and Travis Cunningham

Devon Fitzgibbons and Jamie O’Quinn

Savannah Hendricks and Carson Dorsey

Meggie Aivalotis and Hampton Tiller

Josie Coleman and Griffin Brown

Whitney Sikes and Landon Jernigan

Caroline Horn and Charlie Giles

Maggie McCullough and Bobby McCord

Alyssa Ferland and Ben Duke

Anna Durso and Patrick Brunson

Maimee Henderson and Luke Haney

Karen Jarrard and John Bickley

Emory Sutherland and Jonathan Siegel

Betsy Hill and James Michael

Drake Miscall and Christian Palmer

Isabel McSwain and Andrew Moring

Vivian Duong and Bhavin Patel

Harrison Bailey and Taylor Beasley

Kaitlyn Neel and William Stubbs

Maggie Fuchs and Noah Fenimore

Sai Pagadala and Stephen Grubb

Anna Parel and Will Chambless

Kenzie Munzer and Benjamin Jorgenson

Reese Ellis and Rush Patel

Ashlin Jackson and Taylor Cullars

Katherine Hamilton and Preston Brewer

Layne Davis and Chase Clay

Mary Lynes Sutton and John Morgan Manley


Abby Ellison and Carter Barfield

Riley Davis and Grey Faulkner

Sara Kate Durkee and Carter Eddlemon

Jenny Belle Butler and Harrison Tuck

Price Lee and Tomi Sogade

Liza Boswell and Andrew Delves

Lucy Boswell and Matt Newberry

Anna Grace Grossnickle and John Thomas Carter

Susan Hightower and Dell Sikes

Molly Garud and Andrew Cohen

Josie Lamb and Todd Battcher

Taylor Swan and Wesley Wilson

Lillie Sweet Strickland and Dylan Cox

Elizabeth Sellers and Hughes Pinson

Sutton Barrow and Carter Fink

Mary Elaine Mitchell and Preston Wilson

Sophie Denisar and Brady Michael

Nate Jones and Mary Grace Yarborough

Edlin Saint Vil and Liv

Davis Grant and Charlotte Llevat

Graham Hefner and Gracie Slade


Taylor Justice and Nathan Dummitt

Annika Brooks and Charles Brooks

Hailey Firlotte and AJ Stevenson

Alexandra Hall and Joey Gadd

Lauren McElrath and Trey Union

Miller Cranford and Ben Baxley

Lila McCord and Cole Devenney

Niya Dillard and Kobe Sewell

Evie Tharpe and Ben Jamison

Kendall Simmons and Stetson Hatcher

Harmony Nagle and Gavin Martin

Caroline Sutherland and Waldon Davis

Kate Spivy and Jack Medlin

Maddie Fackler and Jack Niceler

EmmaJane Canady and Garrett Solheim

Lolly McMahon and Jack Hardy

Carson Simmons and Tripp Roberts

Claudia Pope and George Seagraves

Olivia Santoyo and Preston Kight

Sarah Pyles and Avery Jackson

Sophie Waldrop and Carter Nystrom

Mary Kate Groves and Wil Cunningham

Heather Samaha and Hunter Hogan

Madelyn Davis and Knox Cleveland

Harriette Ann Bowden and Will McCormack

Kate Wimberly and Will Fackler

Jansyn Stevens and Dylan Ellis

Jocelyn Tang and Christian Lee

Gabrielle Rader and Austin Slocumb


Mary Spencer Reeves and Hudson Mimbs

Bonnie Sherwood and Cole Dover

Anna Mincey and Max Payne

Meghana Vemuri and James Burrell

Shelby Bandt and Sheldon Paine

Claire Hurt and Darran Shivdat

Dylan Driver and Brigg White

Bailey Thames and John Wade

Mary Blue Butler and Akins Manley

Cate Eddlemon and Patrick Delves

Olivia Mann and Nate Slappey

Olivia Coleman and Sailor Burton

Ellie Fitzgibbons and Lawson Cole

Haley Ellison and Aaron Perkel

Helen Pope and Lew Story

Elizabeth Cochran and Matt Moore

Anne Travis Evans and Alex Orona

Katie Beth Powers and Cooper Baskette

Anna Caroline Hutchinson and Camden Anthony

Emma Hayley and Jack Minette

Scotty Kelly and Micah Takac

Harley Anne Shurling and Stephen Scarborough   

Katelyn Meece and Camden Smith

Carly Blackwood and Walker Bethune

Rachel Toon and Langley Fickling

Esha Panse and Sean Malhotra

Annie Putzke and Brandon Firlotte   

Ashley Parel and Carson Chambless