As We Roll Around the Loop

As we rolled into Stratford on the first day of school we found a new crop of exchange students, new carpet in the middle school, and a new schedule (yikes!). Freshmen ran around the lunchroom trying to find their advisory, sophomores sat down because they actually knew what to do this year (or so they believe), and it slowly dawned on the juniors that they were finally upperclassmen. Meanwhile, the seniors arrived at school fashionably late.

We, the seniors, are finally the oldest in school, and it was everything we ever dreamed it could be. After our mothers took a million pictures of our “last first day of school,” we found our new lockers at the end of the hall — close to the double doors that lead to long and short lunches — went to Humanities for the first time, and strutted down the hall like we owned the school.  Of course, many of us strutted right into the wrong class, because after three years of hard labor spent memorizing the daily schedule, the powers-that-be switched up the rotation.  Third period no longer meets last on B?  What sorcery is this?  Rest assured, we will eventually find our way, as we always have done throughout our high school years.  Here’s to the Class of 2015, let’s make the best of our last year together!

Despite being wise old seniors, we still put off summer reading until the last minute in order to fit in one last beach trip, concert, tubing trip, pool day, and sports camp. We furiously marked up our books on Wednesday night, and sweated out the inevitable quiz. Sometimes old Eagles just don’t want to learn new tricks.

Speaking of sports camps, the Stratford junior varsity and varsity cheerleading squads won the Spirit Banana on the last day of camp!  And yes, cheerleading is a sport, thank you very much. This award goes to the squad that had the most spirit the entire week, and now we’re hoping the rest of the student body will join us in cheering on all of the Eagles this year as we make the switch from GISA to the GHSA.

More to come as we make our way around the loop….