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We asked students if social distancing and staying at home has made them more conscious of their health, hygiene, diet and exercise routine

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More my hygiene than my diet and exercise. I’m more paranoid about being around people and touching things because germs are spread so easily. ”

— Ellie Fitzgibbons

I definitely think it has been, mainly because I have so much more free time to exercise and cook healthier food. Also, I definitely wash my hands more often due to the virus. ”

— Zeyna Abdulla

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My parents will not let me go anywhere, so for fun I walk my dog around the neighborhood multiple times a day.”

— Carson Butcher

I think I’ve gotten more conscious about working out more often and staying healthy because we can’t get out of our house anymore so it makes it easier to forget that staying healthy is important especially with all the corona craziness going on.”

— Annika Brooks

I have so much free time on my hands. I started cooking because I have nothing else to do. So, my diet has less fast food in it now. I like to go outside and exercise, or run in my neighborhood more now just because I want to leave the house during the quarantine.”

— Meghana Vemuri

“Quarantine has made me work out more and eat better probably because of me knowing that I need to stay in shape on my own because I’m not doing anything”.”

— Hailey Firlotte

The quarantine has definitely made me think more about my exercise and diet because I am not getting out of the house nearly as much as I would like to so I have been trying to exercise daily. I also swim a lot in my pool. I have been trying to snack less but that isn’t really working out but I’m going to start fresh on a new regimen this week and try to do better. As far as health goes, my skin and hair is definitely healthier because I have been using organic and healing oils that I wouldn’t regularly use because leaving the house with them on is brutal for my appearance but I can already see a difference in the health of my skin and hair. Although, my nails look really rough but I guess everyone elses does, too. ”

— Helen Pope

“Oh for sure, I wash my hands almost every five minutes it seems. I really want to stay healthy so I’m following all of the CDC recommendations.””

— Katie Beth Powers

It made me really aware because I literally ate bread all day. I had it for breakfast, lunch, as a snack, before dinner, and after dinner. I weighed myself on my scale and I legit gained 4 pounds and I was like “I can’t do this to myself.” So I’m going to start working out and now I have plenty of time, so I have no excuse. Spending more time with myself has definitely made me realize what I need to do to be healthier.”

— Naina Rugnath

I don’t eat much because all I’ve been doing is getting my work done then sleeping the rest of the time. I probably shower out of boredom four times a day.”

— Blakely Harrell

It has. Now I wash my hands more often, and I am very conscious about what I touch because I want to try to stay as healthy as possible. ”

— Shaw London

I definitely wash my hands way more than I used to cause I don’t want to get corona. And since we don’t have school, I have more free time to walk my doggies and get exercise. Whenever I’m out somewhere, I make sure to bring some hand sanitizer so I don’t risk getting corona. ”

— Bonnie Sherwood

I have become more conscious of my health in general. I take walks with my dog almost every day and I was my hands many times throughout the day.”

— Harriette Ann Bowden

Yes, but in a different way. I’ve actually started a personal challenge where I eat donuts for breakfast, dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunch, and a rising crust pizza for dinner every day. I plan to continue this challenge everyday until the end of quarantine. Also, a coke with every meal is necessary.”

— Will Fackler

I have realized that even during these strange times it is important to keep up a healthy routine for your mental and physical health. While quarantining, I have learned to set small goals each day in order to maintain some normalcy. ”

— Lillie Sweet Strickland

I guess it has. Now that we’re home all the time there’s more time to kill. Working out or going outside helps pass the time and it makes you feel a little better. I feel like I’m putting more effort into it now.”

— Rania Akbar

School has been less stressful because I can do my work throughout the day. I can sleep in later, then start my work when I want to. It is very relaxing.”

— Thomas Jones

In some ways yes, now I am sticking more to a routine for working out. I do the same workout every day followed by a run. I have always kept good hygiene so that is staying the same. My diet has been somewhat the same every day since most of the restaurants are closed.”

— Gunn Bush

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Yes, I don’t want to get the virus, so I have been washing my hands a lot more. I also follow all of the CDC’s other recommendations”

— Ellie Mincey

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My hygiene and diet haven’t really changed, but I guess I exercise more because it is just a way to get out of the house. I go for a walk or run every day because I have the time.”

— Sarah Pyles

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I am way more conscious of my health. I have noticed that I’m snacking more and this has resulted in me running further that I usually do every day. I’m also trying to replace snacks with lots of sugar with healthier snacks. ”

— Zoe Leigh

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It has made me more conscious about my health and especially my exercise. When everything was open, I danced multiple days and hours a week, so it didn’t really matter what I ate because I would burn it off that day at dance. While in quarantine, I still have the same eating habits, ie. snacking and junk food, but I’m not burning it off as fast. This LITERALLY ensures that I’m gonna get fat, so I’m making sure to cut down on snacking and midnight snacks, start having certain times to exercise in the morning, and find classes to dance along with in the evening. The dieting is mostly just because I ate all of my junk food and I’m not allowed to buy more. Now I’m stuck with eating all the healthy snacks, which isn’t half bad! The real challenge is not eating a bunch of sweets that I bake or find around the house. I even have a baking Instagram account @quarantine_bakes01.”

— Sophia Tang

“I cannot ever sit still and I love to exercise and well I have nothing to do that caused me to be outside more than usual sometimes. I just do random things with my sisters or dogs most of the time outside. So yes, it does give me more free time/outside time that I need! I usually try to have healthy meals but everyone and then you need a cheat meal every once in awhile. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack like ice cream… I actually personally eat a little bowl of ice cream every night before bed. I would say my hygiene has not changed, I used to be a germaphobe so I am still a clean freak right now.”

— Jean Hightower

“I have been able to work on exercising more and putting more time into self care due to no school. School really stresses me out so being able to be home has helped a little. I am still snacking still and my birthday just happened so we have lots of cake at home right now. I am still trying to focus on eating better and working out regardless though. Being at home has given me a lot more time to focus on myself which I appreciate the most.”

— Kamber Thalongsengchanh

Yes, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and exercise in my free time since I have so much time to eat and relax.”

— Kate Fruitticher

  I’ve tried to keep my routine the same and I exercise and run every day in place of sports.”

— Carson Simmons

I am so much more aware of health and hygiene now. Before this, I didn’t think to wash my hands after touching certain things, but now I wash my hands constantly throughout the day. Also, now that I don’t have sports practices everyday, I’m much more conscious of what I’m eating. I have to exercise on my own which is something I didn’t do much of before. ”

— Shorter McCook

I have definitely been more conscious of my health and hygiene during the quarantine. I never used to pay much attention to how long I washed my hands or how many times I touched my face, but now I definitely do. Still, during this time, I’ve been keeping up with normal exercise by running in my neighborhood. ”

— Mary Blue Butler