Get to Know Your Student Body President

Who is that girl standing at the podium on Monday mornings, addressing the high school?

Meet Morgan Maier, your student body president.

Maier was brought to power at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, quickly earning a reputation as the “Student Body Dictator” because she ran unopposed.

Maier had goals set coming into the 2014-2015 school year.

“I want to be a president that everyone is comfortable to come up and talk to if they have any suggestions or issues,” said Maier, who also was a member of the Student Activities Board (SAB) her junior year. “I also want to have a fun year, and especially having a great homecoming and spirit week.”

Just two months into the school year, Maier said she is enjoying being president.

“I have really enjoyed it because it has dramatically helped my public speaking and leadership skills,” she said.  “Being on SAB is one of my favorite activities at Stratford, so I’m very happy to be apart of it again this year and have such a major role,” Maier said.

Ms. Nancy Todd, adviser to Student Issues Board and the teacher of Senior Humanities, has taken note of Maier’s leadership skills.

“Aristotle loved the idea of a single, talented, good-hearted, ruler who had the interests of his people in mind whenever he made decisions. But he also warned us that such a ruler could become corrupted by having unilateral power. Such a tyrant/dictator could ruin a good thing,” Todd said.  “However, I think The Dictator, uhh, Morgan has her finger on the pulse of the upper school students and shows great insight when dealing with student issues. She makes organization and responsibility look effortless.”

Maier has been a student at Stratford since Pre-Kindergarten (13 years). Over her years at Stratford, Maier plays soccer and softball, and she also is a former manager of the varsity girls basketball team. She also is a member of the Beta Club, Key Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, along with others.