New Initiatives Regulate Skirt Length

New disciplinary actions designed to curb rising hemlines on girls’ uniform skirts and skorts were announced by Upper School Principal Ms. Margaret Brogdon last week.

Although the dress code has always required that girls’ skirts are a maximum of three inches above the knee, Brogdon said that the new policy is designed to more rigorously enforce the rule with a series of escalating punishments.  “If we don’t have something concrete, then there is no enforcement.”

“The new initiatives involve a three-step warning and punitive measures program” said Brogdon, who announced the measures at Monday assembly on Sept. 29 and also explained the policy in a letter sent home to parents.

The first time a female student is cited for violating the dress code under the new policy, she will be warned and sent to the Eagle’s Nest to buy a pair of leggings, which cost $13.50 and will be charged to her parent’s account. If the student is found in violation of the rules a second time, the girl will be required to buy another pair of leggings and also will receive a demerit.  After the third offense, Brogdon will set up a parent conference.

Many female students expressed concerns about the new policy.

“I think it’s kind of ridiculous,” said one 9th grade girl.  “Where skirts hit on our thighs is completely dependent on the height of the girl.”

Older students also complained about being required to buy new uniforms in their final years of high school.

“It’s expensive, and seniors aren’t going to pay to get new skirts for one more year,” a senior said.

Assistant Principal Mr. Chance Reynolds said that the uniforms themselves — which are supplied by Buckhead — are often not to blame.

“I don’t know if the skirt itself is the issue as much as it is rolling it up inside,” Reynolds said.

Brogdon said that there would be a grace period to allow students to become accustomed to the new measures, but that the policy would be enforced.

“We have a social contract in a community like this one to try and maintain an acceptable appearance, and when I say acceptable I mean acceptable to most of the people in this community. We also believe that the look that we’ve settled on is less distracting,” Brogdon said.  “Really short skirts can cause distractions. Really short skirts can pose big distractions.”