Savannah Alday: Queen of the Homecoming Concert

The Savannah Alday Band rocked the Stratford cafeteria last Friday, Oct. 24, following the Eagle football team’s 49-27 homecoming victory against Mount De Sales Academy.

The band, in which Alday is the lead singer, played both original songs such as “Hard Edge Woman” and “Never Forget” and a variety of covers, such as Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder & Lead”.

About 40 students attended the concert, which was sponsored by the Student Activities Board.

“Everybody is being really supportive, and I very much appreciate that after what we got at the talent show last year with everybody rushing the stage.  We’ve really appreciated the warm reception we’ve gotten here,” Alday said.

The SAB intended the concert to replace the traditional homecoming dance, which was discontinued a few years ago.

“We were on a retreat and we were discussing possible options after homecoming, but nobody really wanted to have a dance because of the new rules,” said sophomore class representative Maggie Greer, referencing the rules against grinding.  “So, the genius Evans McCook came up with a Savannah Alday concert.

In addition to Alday, who is a junior, the band also includes drummer Michael Minshew, rhythm guitarist Lee Gillis, bass guitarist Ben Alford, and electric guitarist Mason Clark.  The band has played at a variety of locations in Georgia, including the Crazy Bull during Weaver’s Weekend.

“I enjoyed it a lot. It was very entertaining.  I thought they were really good and even better live,” said junior Conner Hefner.  Hefner added, “No offense to the band, but I would have rather enjoyed a classic homecoming dance like I think a school deserves.  But Savannah was very entertaining.”