Students Go for ‘One Direction’


Students are encouraged to put academics first, but there are times when outside temptation rears its head.  In early October, on a school night, at least twenty Stratford students joined 70,000 screaming fans for a One Direction concert at the Georgia Dome.

Girl after girl signed out and left the campus at various times during the day to get dressed and make their way to Atlanta. Most dutifully turned in their excused absence forms, also known as “pink slips,” to make certain they were allowed to complete any missed work.

Some students strived to complete their work the day of the concert so they could enjoy the night. “ I attended a physiology class during my study hall, and I had double intern that day, so I did my homework during that time,” junior Mackenzie Conn said.

For any event that results in missed school, students are expected to devise a plan to gather notes, make up missed tests, and complete homework. However, some fail to follow through.

“ I didn’t even think about doing homework that night … like at all. Zero,” sophomore Grace Adams said.

A few of the concert goers failed to make it to school the next day.  And for those that did, it was a struggle.

“School was not something I was looking forward to at all. I honestly did not want to go the next day,” Conn said.


Students go in 'One Direction' Students go in 'One Direction' Students go in 'One Direction'