Hiking, Campfire, & “Dang Good S’mores” Enrich Ecology Trip

The Ecology Club sponsored a weekend of camping on Nov. 1 and 2  at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain, GA.  The trip followed closely on the heels of the club’s October Ocmulgee River paddle.

“It is primitive camping in tents, with no running water or bathroom facilities, although there is an outhouse,” club adviser Ms. Theresa Ferrari said.

The group, including seniors Laurel Ferrari and Ella Hall, president and vice president of the club, left early Saturday morning and returned late Sunday afternoon.

The expedition accomplished a lot in its 36-hour trip.

“All sorts of things, including setting up our campsite, hiking, cooking outdoors, chilling by a campfire, making s’mores, telling ghost stories, etc.  Normal camping sorts of things,” Laurel Ferrari said.

Ecology Club Camping Trip “We learned how to make campfire pigs in a blanket and how to make some dang good s’mores,” Hall said.

“The most memorable part of the trip was probably Ms. Ferrari’s dramatic reading of ‘Tailypo’ or our 30-minute game of animal crossing,” Hall said.

“One of the primary goals of the Ecology Club is to raise awareness about the importance of living in a sustainable way and preserving, not trashing, our home, which is Earth,” Ms. Ferrari said.  “There is something special about spending an entire day outdoors and living in nature. It is challenging but also invigorating, but most importantly, it is tons of fun. Camping provides the perfect opportunity to engage in nature and increase your love for it.”

FDR State Park is the largest state park in Georgia with 9,049 acres.  It is open to the public and is commonly used as a campground, according to its website.

Ecology Club Camping Trip