I Am Thankful for…

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?  The Gazebo surveys our students and faculty. 

Joshua Wangerin, senior: Not being at school.

Blake Hendley, sophomore: Deer season ‘cuz that’s when deer season is.  During Thanksgiving.

Raine Foulkes, junior: Shagging lessons from Ms. Wilkin at our junior retreat.

Mr. Casper Fredrickson: Whiskers on kittens and dead turkeys.

Maggie Greer, sophomore: My dog boss… Do I need to say something else?

Dr. Robert Veto, head of school: My parents are getting older and older. They’re 88, and we’re spending Thanksgiving with them, and we’re extremely grateful they still have their health.  But, I guess football.

Valentine Grinstead, sophomore: I’m thankful for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Colyar Mccord, junior: Music…and James Mitchell.

Zoya Qazi, senior: I am thankful for delicious FLIK food during lunchtime.

Gracie Holliman, freshman: McDonald’s.

Nayah Hill, senior: I guess that I’m thankful that I’m alive.  I’ve got to be alive.

Cooper Hartley, senior: The Georgia Bulldogs.

Olivia Pruett, freshman: I’m thankful for Sarah Koplin. #blessed

Savannah Joyner, junior: Mr. Loomis.

Ally Raymond, junior: Krispy Kreme.  Food is good.

Mr. Griff Ethridge: I’m not thankful for anything.


Have a great Thanksgiving Break Stratford!