BloodSport is as Bloodsport Does

Latin teacher and Stratford iconoclast Mr. Cameron Paterson stepped up to the podium at the Monday assembly before Sadie Hawkins and announced an alternative to the dance.

It was to be called Bloodsport, in honor of the 1988 Jean-Claude Van Damme movie about a secret organization of fighters who gather once a year to fight to the death.

And it was to be awesome.

The itinerary for Bloodsport, which took place on campus on Friday, Jan. 31 — the same evening as Sadie Hawkins — went as follows:

7-8 p.m.: Activity: Football (full contact).

Location: The hallways.

Result: The pushing of various students through open windows.

8-9 p.m.: Activity: Soccer.

Location: The practice soccer field.

Result: A glow-in-the-dark soccer ball helped, the moving goals did not.  Mr. Paterson reportedly scored.  So did Gazebo reporter Shawn Shivdat, according to Shivdat.

9-10 p.m.: Activity: Boxing.

Location: Classified.

Result: Contenders faced each other for approximately two minutes unless one fell, according to Paterson.

“We just had fun,” said freshman Sahan Vangala, one of 16 students who attended Bloodsport.  “Bloodsport seemed like something I’d like to do and it seemed like another option that was available. It seemed not more fun, but I was interested in doing it because I had never done anything like that before.  And it included stuff that I was interested in.”

Most of the students were freshmen, according to Paterson, and one girl took part in the event as well.

Paterson has hosted a party for the past two years solely for his Latin students on the night of Sadie Hawkins, but this was the first year that the festivities have been opened to all of Stratford.

“I believe that not all Stratford students are looking for the same types of experiences,” Paterson said.

Paterson said he intends to host an even bigger event next year.