ADL’s No Place for Hate Kick-Starts at Stratford

Stratford recently earned the designation as an Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s No Place for Hate.  One of Stratford’s newer student clubs, the ADL Club, worked to make it happen.

“The main purpose that our club serves is to create a community of citizens who are respectful of their peers and other people, regardless of their similarities or differences,” Ms. Jaqui Wilson, upper school counselor said.

No Place for Hate is an initiative designed to bring schools together by creating a welcoming community that does not tolerate bullying. The international, non-profit Anti-Defamation League, based in New York, NY with regional offices, one in Atlanta, GA, backs school clubs to help further its mission.

“We had to have at least three activities that support the mission, and we had to have a signing of the Resolution of Respect in order to achieve the No Place for Hate title,” Wilson said.

Sophomore Janie Hatcher, ADL club member, believes in the club’s goals.  “I have been bullied before and want to help make an environment that is safe from any harmful acts.  Also, being a member is a great leadership opportunity to improve the quality of school for future grades,” Hatcher said.

The ADL Club has sponsored two assemblies for the Upper School students. The first took place on January 15.

“The goal of the first assembly was to encourage the students to sign the Resolution of Respect.  The Resolution of Respect advocates the showing of respect for all people,” Wilson said.

The second assembly on February 6 announced Stratford’s No Place for Hate designation.

“ADL is striving to always improve our community.  We want to make Stratford a safe place for all people.  My best example of Stratford not being a safe place for all people would be younger students being bullied, or made of fun of because of their faith.  We want everyone to have someone they can talk to,” Wilson said.

Student reaction to the ADL Club’s purpose was mixed. “I think it started out okay. I’ve heard some talk about people making fun of the name No Place for Hate, which is going against what we’re trying to do,” Wilson said.

“I think a lot of people like the idea of ADL, however I do not think the club is getting the respect it needs to be successful in making Stratford a hate-free place,” Hatcher said.



ADL club leads assembly.
ADL club leads assembly.