Paterson and Greene Promote Wargaming Club

A new group has been making some noise around Stratford. Freshman Carson Greene and Mr. Cameron Paterson, upper school Latin teacher, have been working with other students to form a wargaming club.

“The wargaming club is currently an interest group…which is tabletop warfare simulating battle,” Greene said. The games can be played with plastic miniatures, which, Greene adds, is another exciting aspect to warring because participants can take pride in his or her collection of miniatures.

The club offers two divisions. One group is made up of very devout gamers who play Warhammer 40,000. Warhammer 40K is full of ‘“crazy battles and is lots of fun,”’ Greene said. The other group of gamers play Dungeons and Dragons.

The first meeting was successful due to a larger than expected turnout. Greene missed the meeting because he and his father were at a wargaming convention. Greene attended the convention to look for new, entertaining games for the club.

One might be intimidated by Greene’s devotion to wargaming and be anxious about attending meetings. “Try [wargaming] for one session to see if you like it… [the groups] are super welcoming to new gamers,” Paterson said.

“Wargaming has been a big part of my life…and it has educational value using tactics, math, and logic in the games,” Greene said.

The wargaming club meets in Mr. Paterson’s room and all are welcome.  Greene, along with other members, are eager to see growth and success in the club.