The Band is Bach

This year, the Stratford marching band is rocking out to a classical composer who has been dead for more than 250 years.

The show combines music from composer Johann Sebastian Bach and classic rock ‘n’ roll bands like AC/DC and the Rolling Stones.

Although the eclectic mix of music is difficult to learn, band director Ms. Laura Voss said that the marching is probably the hardest part of the show.

“The kids understand the music aspect of the show, but putting the music and the marching together is always the most challenging thing we do in preparation for Friday nights,” Voss said.

In order to help the band learn the show, Voss mailed every band member a copy of the show during the first week of July.

Later in the summer, the band went through a grueling two week-camp where they tackled the task of memorizing the music and learning the drill for this year’s halftime show.

Band camp is one of the most challenging parts of being in the band. In addition to music and marching, band camp develops the fellowship and camaraderie of playing and working together.

Senior Drum Major Holly Bean directs the band during Eagle Night on Monday, Aug. 26.
Senior Drum Major Holly Bean directs the band during Eagle Night on Monday, Aug. 26.

But the details of just how the band perfects its show are top secret.

“What happens at band camp stays at band camp,” said senior tuba player William Staton, who has played in the band since 6th grade.

The marching band is composed of almost 50 students, including more than a dozen newcomers.

In addition to the wind musicians and drumline, the color guard is lead by seniors Emmy Thornsberry, Abbie Nash, Alexandria Power, and Kate Fehr.

In September, the band will travel to a tournament where they will compete against other bands.

Holly Bean, this year’s drum major, says that the competition is a blast.

“It’s a fun experience, but the best part is watching all the other bands play,” Bean said.