Soccer field house flooded

 By LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Assistant Editor

(Photos by LIZZI CLAYTON, Gazebo Assistant Editor.)

The inside of the main office currently after everything has been taken outCoach Ian Haley left his office inside the soccer field house building at approximately 11 a.m. on Monday. An hour later, as Coach Kate Blankenship went up to her offices, she discovered severe damage had been caused by a busted water heater.

The girls' locker room with items from the main office of the field house.
The girls’ locker room with items from the main office of the field house.

More than a foot of water had accumulated in the office, which was flooding  from the second level of the field house where the water heater was located. This water damage caused the entire office to be stripped.

The damage included photos, scorebooks, trophies, computers, carpet, and personal and sentimental items of both Coach Blankenship and Coach Haley.

The busted water heater impacted the entire campus, causing a shutdown during the late morning and early afternoon, according to Mrs. Donna Kay McGoldrick, Stratford’s human resources director and assistant business manager.

The main water line had to be shut down. Students and faculty were unable to get drinking water from the water fountains, the cafeteria and restrooms.

The monetary damage of the field house is not known. The facility will be undergoing repairs soon, McGoldrick said.